• “Default Judgment” •

    24×30″ Mixed Media Acrylic

    The base layer of “Default Judgement” has been created using the notes from when I took the 2010 Indiana Bar Exam.  Since law school, I have been incorporating my notes and textbooks into my artwork and the notes used in “Default Judgement” are some of the last.  So I knew coming into this piece I did not want to cover much of the notes.  After buying an antique gold paint that matched the frame, I tinted a polycrylic and through several layers of glazes gave the background a nice aged patina.  From there I added some simple birch trees for the landscape as not to cover much of the notes at all.  What I love about this piece is you can still see my first Practice Multi-State Exam results and I missed most of the first 15 questions.

    Created: June 7, 2013

    Sold October 2013 – Private Collection, Indianapolis, IN