Painting in Mexico

justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-08 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-05 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-06 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-01 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-02 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-04 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-07 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-03 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-09 justin-vining-plein-air-painting-mexico-10My wife and I recently celebrated our second anniversary in Mexico at the same resort we honeymooned at. I was looking forward to relaxing on the beach with her but also felt compelled to take my paints. I had always wanted to try Guoache and I figured vacation would be a great time to try them.