Behind the Scenes – Creating a Show

This is a glimpse into my studio for the 2 months it took me to create the 40 new works for my solo exhibit “Vanishing Points”.

Here are a few of the concept sketches:

nappanee farm sketch

Nappanee Farm Sketch


sheridan farm

Sheridan Farm Sketch


wall farm sketch

Wall Farm Sketch


deceptively warm sketch

Deceptively Warm Sketch


platinum twilight sketch

Platinum Twilight Sketch


ephemeral fog in progress

Inspired by the piece I did for the “Amber” group show last December


ephemeral fog almost finished

penn farm

This is a farm I have always loved located near Nappanee, IN.

Took a road trip in November to Virginia and loved all the east coast barns, many had the style of overhang found in the barn on the right piece above.


capturing wisdom

John McKee & Kyle Ragsdale both encouraged me to stop on this painting at this point. I took their advice and am love with this piece.


trupps memories

studio shot 2

basement studio watercolors

For this show I had a “day shift” and “night shift” and a “messy studio” and a “clean one”- during the day I worked with acrylics at my Harrison Center Studio and during the evenings I would come home and work on the watercolors.


finished watercolors

waning light wash

Very directly inspired by watching Quincy Owens prepare for his December show “Pursuit of Happiness”

waning light wash 2

waning light and fading slowly

silver winds in before red door

On these spot color pieces I waited to add the red towards the end.. completely changes the piece.


primitive masking

Learned this from Terry Armstrong, a quick solution for masking off areas of your watercolors to add textures.

corn masking

trupps stories in progress

One of the only oil paintings in the show.  Wanted to give it a nostalgic feel.


studio shot 3

with corn in progress


This series is inspired by the details of abandoned farm houses that are located in Putnam & Hamilton Counties.


inspiration photos

The farms & houses I used to inspire this show.  Most of these were discovered on drives during 2013


gingerbread 2

gingerbread 3

studio shot 4

ready for framing

Ready for Framing


just after laying the wallpaper pattern in

This is just after I put in the wallpaper pattern that I found in the interior of this old abandoned farm house

in the hallway drying

Drying in the hallway


just laid down

Just laid down the wash

hitting the lottery wish this wash

Watching as I hit the lottery with this salt effect in the wash.  The pressure was on not to screw this painting up.


alex reiff helping me with the framing

I brought in my friend Alex Reiff to help with the framing.


just mounted to the backing board

Its always exciting to see the work all buttoned up in the frames.  I float mount my work so this is right after I mounted the piece to the matboard


getting closer

One of the hallways outside my studio was filling up fast

the other hallway is full too

This is the hallway on the other side of my studio full of work too

magical skies

The day before the show, 2 paintings to finish.


kyle ragsdale hanging the show

Kyle Ragsdale hanging the show

kyle ragsdale hanging the show 2

There is very little that is more exciting than watching months of hard work finally come together in the gallery.

vanishing points - justin vining 2

vanishing points - justin vining 3

vanishing points justin vining

vanishing points 4

vanishing points 5

vanishing points 6

vanishing points 7