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On the Outside Looking In (for web) - justin viningOn the Outside Looking In (On the Outside Looking In (for web) - justin viningfor web) - justin vining

There is a common misconception that in a lecture situation, if someone is doodling/drawing, they are not paying attention, however, this is just not always the case.  For as long as I can remember I have been a doodler.  I found that I would actually focus on the speaker better if my hands were occupied.  I can remember sitting in Mr. Heeter’s U.S. History class in high school creating elaborate “doodles” over the course of several classes.   While an undergraduate at Purdue, most of my notes were taken in sketchbooks & over time even my notes took on a more organic look & feel.  In law school I only used sketchbooks & by the time I was studying for the bar my notecards looked closer to my doodles than they did study materials.

Even though I paint full-time now, I keep my law license active which means a lot of continuing education.  Maybe I am weird but I always enjoy these days, I get to see old friends & it doesn’t hurt that ICLEF provides coffee & donuts in the morning.  I don’t always draw during these days but last fall I came out of a couple of CLE’s with 4 drawings which have now been turned into paintings.

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