Vacation in the Dominican Republic

I recently spent 5 days on the beach in the Dominican Republic with my brother & several of my good friends at Protis Executive Innovations.  Protis was the company I quit to become a full-time artist but I have remained great friends with everyone there.  In fact, I owe a lot to Protis because even in the short time I was there, the education I received about metric-driven, fact-based selling is how I have been able to so deeply understand my business today.

While in the Dominican, I spent 98% of the time relaxing but did paint 2 pieces on the beach.  The first was directly inspired by the local painting & sculptures from around the resort and the second was of this short little palm tree I was fascinated with on the beach.  Painting on the beach proved to be particularly challenging due to both the sand & the breeze.  Several times with each piece I had to chase it across the beach as the wind took them away.

I had a ton of fun on vacation but I am looking forward to getting back in the studio with some new found inspiration.

DR 001

DR 00001

DR 0000001

DR 00000001

DR 02

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DR 04

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