Evening on Froberg

Evening on Froberg Cropped - Justin Vining

Valpo House

I was recently commissioned to paint this home that sits on Froberg Road near Valparaiso, Indiana.  I wasn’t commissioned by the home owner though, rather someone who used to live close to here and has memories of driving past this home almost daily as a child.

Initial Sketch - justin vining

Here is the quick sketch I presented to the client prior to getting started on the piece.

Justin Vining painting in progress

This is after the first few layers establishing the completed sky color and then building the forms on top of that.

Valparaiso Farm in Progress - justin vining

A little further along, starting to build out the forms in the tree & house.

evening on froberg justin vining

The finished piece.  One of the things that I did in this piece that was a bit different than normal (which I found successful) was using several layers of transparent glazes of yellow acrylic on the highlights in the trees, ground, & house to give the piece a really nice warm glow to contrast against the cool colors in the shadows & sky.  I was extremely pleased with how I more effectively captured the light in this piece.

Evening on Froberg Finished