Spending Some Time with Quincy Owens

Quincy has quickly become one of my favorite people & artists in the Indianapolis area.  About 6 weeks ago I joined the Harrison Center Studio Artists with my own studio space in an area of the building called the Underground.  Every day when I walked into the building I had to go right past Quincy’s studio and it seemed like regardless of what time of day it was, early morning or late at night, Quincy was always here working with his door open & a smile on his face.  After a few weeks of observing him work and talking with him in his studio, I developed an even greater appreciation for him & his paintings.   I was able to see first hand how deeply personal his work is to him and because of this how much pride, care, and effort he put into each and every piece.  I realize that not every person gets the luxury of spending so much time with the artist in their studio to understand all meaning & context that goes into building such a deeply personal body of work like Quincy has done so I decided to try and capture just a bit of Quincy’s story in the video below.

quincy 8 for web

Quincy Show_1

Quincy Show_2

Quincy Show