2 Days with Watercolor Artist Terry Armstrong

November shadows - Terry Armstrong

I can remember the first time I saw Terry’s work in person, it was the late 90’s, I was still in high school, and I was at a frame shop in Bourbon, Indiana.  I remember being awe-struck by how realistic his paintings were.  I just couldn’t believe that there was someone in our part of the world producing such high quality artwork.  Little did I know then, that some 15 years later, we would both full-time professional artists and good friends.   I recently spent 2 days with Terry and his wife Mary at their home & studio near Warsaw, Indiana.  It was an incredible 2 days, we painted, we visited, we ate incredible food, (Mary is such a good cook!) and I think we both learned a lot during our time together.  I also found a bit of time to shoot a quick video about Terry & his work which is embedded below.

Terry Armstrong and Justin Vining