Matt’s Birthday Surprise from Emily

01 House Photos

A few months ago I received an email from a woman (Emily) asking if she could commission a painting of her boyfriend’s (Matt) childhood home as a gift for his birthday.  I first met Matt early this spring at my studio as he had invested in an original oil painting and came to pick it up in person.  Since this time Matt and I have stayed in touch and he has acquire more work.  When I got Emily’s message I jumped at the opportunity to help her surprise Matt with a cool birthday present and to paint Matt’s Childhood home in my style.

One of the immediate challenges of this commission was that the provided photos had a lot of foliage in the foreground blocking the much of the house detail.  I had to collectively use all the images to create an architecturally accurate rendering of the home.

02 House 

03 Matt's Room

04 Matt's Sketch

This is the drawing I sent to Emily along with this informal email seeking guidence:  ”Hey Emily!  I looked through all of the photos to piece together the architectural detail, am I missing anything big?  I chose this angle to emphasize Matt’s room.  Also I left some trees out, made the one in the front yard taller so you see more of the house.  Thoughts?”

From this email, she didn’t want anything changed and so the painting began.

05 In Progess

In Progress

06 Matt's Home

The finished painting “Matt’s Home”

08 Matt and the Painting

Matt and his birthday gift from Emily.