Brian’s Lake House Commission and Surprise

Brian and Whitney were married at one of their families lake cottage on the deck above the boat house and the reception was held nearby at a nearby winery.  As an anniversary gift, Brian decided to commission a painting capturing their wedding day.  Over the course of weeks Brian and I exchanged several emails and in one he asked if it would be possible to have the painting on public display somewhere to surprise Whitney with on their anniversary date.  I had just the spot.  Mercho Legal is a law firm right down the street that has a beautifully modern interior and highlights the artwork well.  They had dinner less than a block away  and then walked over to check out the art.  After strolling through a bit, Whitney saw her painting and I must say it was an AWESOME reaction.  She was definitely very excited as was Brian, and I am honored to have been able to play a small role in making their anniversary even more memorable.

The Commission and Challenge:

Incorporate in the painting

– The Deck above the Boat House
– The Lake House
– The Pagoda at the Winery (which was about a mile away in real distances)

Their ceremony on the deck above the boat house:


The Lake House


The pagoda at the winery


My proposed composition I presented to the client for approval



In Progress



At Mercho Legal

Brian and Whitney with their new painting!