Tracy Melton & His Tree Ring Paintings

A while back Tracy moved to California but before he moved I made this video on my iphone late one night in between some intense bocce ball games. What was wild about getting to know Tracy was that we are both full-time artist & our studios were only a stone throws away from each other. In fact, I could walk through the back yards of my neighboring businesses to get to his studio which was in the garage of one of the businesses. Looking back, Tracy loved creating really late at night like I did. It was not uncommon to get a text from him at midnight or later asking if I was ready to start painting. Our routine quickly become, I go over to his place, he open a cheap bottle of wine or crack open some PBRs look at art for a few minutes and then go right into our first game of bocce ball for the night. When we played, nothing was off limits & we played all through the back streets of Broad Ripple. Such a good time!! Eventually we would get to the painting and ultimately get some work done.

Melton Room

Melton Tree Ring Paintings

Melton Tree Rings